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Sonika Records vol. 2

The Music Videos

Sonika Records is a youth music program which gives selected Ballarat artists the chance to record in a professional studio environment, perform on stage and have a short documentary made about their experience to add to a press kit.

In 2020, my role as documentarian had to change to adjust to the restrictions of Victoria's COVID lockdown. Instead of creating a short documentary for each artist, I managed a group of animators and created lyric videos or looping animated videos for each of the artists to post to socials. 

The following are the final videos, with credit given to the creators involved.

Cassels -

Tent Lantern

Video by Kiralee Greenhalgh

Izzy Farrah -

Let Me Tell You A Story

Video by Kiralee Greenhalgh

Illustrations by Laetita Um

Lil Jul -

Sidepiece pt. 2

Video by Toby Garrow

& Darcy Woodbridge

Volt Jolt - 

Tis A Sin

Video by Lucas Cappy

Tom Jenkins - 

Next Chapter

Video by Alexandra Nel

Loving Elara -

Almost There

Video by Kiralee Greenhalgh

Lachnes -


Video by Laetita Um

Lotus Eyes -


Artwork by Brodie Kamp


Animation by Alexandra Nel

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